How to install script file

How to install script file.
I write "Input from command""Input from button".

top pageInput from command:rvbInput from command:rhpInput from button:rvbInput from button:rhp

Input from button:rvb
Move to the folder you want to manage the files you made.

You can edit rvb file by texteditor.
Make 「Rhino_plus_rvb」 folder in Rhinoceros 4.0>Plug-ins. Move rvb file to 「Rhino_plus_rvb」 folder,so you can distinguish.
(We recommend make backup the original plugins.)
(Example) Program Files>Rhinoceros 4.0>Plug-ins>Rhino_plus_rvb
Move rvb file to ① folder.
Select Tools>Toolbar Layout from Rhinoceros menubar.
Make a empty button from Toolbar>New.

Please refer to the toolbar description from Rhinoceros Help (Toolbar Layout).
Please refer to the script description from Rhinoscript Help.
Launches a dialogbox  with shift+right-button on the empty button.Write !-LoadScript"rvb file's pass" in the Left mouse button command.

test in the Left box.
!-LoadScript "C:\Program Files\Rhinoceros 4.0\Plug-ins\Rhino_plus_rvb\test.rvb"in the Left mouse button command.

Click edit bitmap button from ⑤ dialogbox.
Select TIFF file from File>Import bitmap.

Click the button.So run command.