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Terms of service :
Commercial use and distribution:
Rhino+ is free plugin. Anyone can use this plugin and can be used in commercial.
Published program is free to change. However,if you distribute this program,you must be approved by us.

Contact us:
If you contact us,you can use E-Mail. And  if you found demand or bugs,please tell me by E-Mail.
However the phone is not available. You can see Rhino+ blog about Development information and supplemental explanation

E-Mail : rhino-plus-support@rhino-plus.kaga-sozo.co.jp

About Rhino+ plugin use,we is not responsible for any damage or trouble of any kind caused by the use or misuse of the programs.Plese use their own risk.  Future,abou site may end  without notice by our convenience.

Please use ,understand the contents of the above sentence.

Rhino+ support team